Your Guide to the Elite Halogen Headlight Bulbs of 2023

May 23, 2023

Welcome back to another BulbFacts review. After almost five years since our last halogen review, we decided it was time to revisit the topic. Over the years, we have seen many new products become available. We have also enhanced our testing methods since including new test factors such as lifespan results, to provide a more comprehensive assessment of the products we review. Our commitment to staying current and providing accurate information is unwavering, and we believe our updated halogen recommendations will be a valuable resource for you guys.

We meticulously evaluate each product's performance and update our website with the latest recommendations for your convenience. So, make sure to check out our latest recommendations and full test results charts to stay on top of the latest and greatest halogen bulbs out there.


OSRAM Night Breaker 200

Choosing the best halogen bulb is not always easy, as it depends on your preferences and needs. However, after careful testing, we recommend the OSRAM Night Breaker 200s for your reflector style headlights. Released in late 2021, these halogens have proven to perform better than any other halogen as of this video review. They have a brightness output of 536 lux at 25 feet, which is 44% farther than the 373 lux output of an OSRAM Original or Long Life bulb. In a high-beam reflector, the NB 200s produce an output of 1312 lux, 50% brighter than the 876 lux output of a standard halogen. These halogens also put out 11% more lumens, which is an important factor for beam quality and overall performance. While many people are looking for whiter bulbs to match new LED and Xenon technologies, it's hard to find a halogen with a very white color due to technological limitations. The NB 200s have a color temperature of 3550k, a nice bump from the stock halogen's 3400k, but still short of the popular Sylvania Silverstar Ultras' 3675k. But be aware, bulbs that are too white with a temperature of 5000k or more are not recommended for main headlamp use because they have lower output and are often not road legal. The lifespan of the OSRAM NB 200s is still pending, so keep an eye out for updated test data on our website.

See the OSRAM Night Breaker 200:

Sylvania Silverstar Ultra

The Sylvania Silverstar Ultras, still a great purchase, especially since they are widely and easily available, are the runner-up on the list. These halogens provide an output of 507 lux in the low beam reflector, 36% farther than the stock halogen, and 1210 lux in the high-beam, 38% brighter than a standard halogen. They also put out 4% more lumens, and their color temperature is again 3675k, a tad whiter than the OSRAM NB 200s.

See the Sylvania Silverstar Ultra:


Bosch Gigalight Plus 120

Moving on to halogen projectors, we recommend the Bosch Gigalight Plus 120%. Although they produce results similar to other projectors, they have a few benefits over other halogens. In a low beam projector, these halogens provide an output of 38% additional distance and 44% additional distance in a high-beam. Lumens are also enhanced, with an output of 1702 per bulb, which is 9% more than a typical halogen. They have a color temperature of 3575k, just slightly higher than the OSRAM NB 200s. Unfortunately, they are only available in H1, H4, and H7 sizes, limiting their availability in the US market.

See the Bosch Gigalight Plus 120:

Flosser Ultra +90%

If you need a halogen bulb with a longer lifespan and more size options, the Flosser Ultra +90% is a great alternative. We found that these halogens provide an output of 23% more distance in the low beam projector and 38% more in the high beam. Lumens are slightly enhanced at 5% more than the average halogen, and the color temperature is 3600k. They also have a longer lifespan, lasting an average of 724 hours, higher than the average performance halogens.

See the Flosser Ultra +90%:


Flosser Rally 100W

Looking for the brightest halogen option on the market? Look no further than the Flosser 100W Rally halogens, which outperform all other high-wattage options we've tested. With nearly double the wattage of a typical 55W bulb, these halogens produce impressive results, with almost 2X the distance at 97% additional lux in a low beam reflector, and 69% in the high beam. In projector performance, they are the top performer at 61% additional low beam distance and 26% high beam, with a whopping 86% additional lumens. These numbers are incredible and bring halogens very close to some LED performance. While the color temperature of 3400k is around OEM color and won't win any awards for whiteness, these halogens do not have any blue coatings. We prioritize raw output over color, so we believe these are a solid choice for those looking for maximum brightness. However, be aware that higher wattage bulbs produce more heat, which can be a problem for vehicles with cheaper connectors or thinner wiring not originally rated for the higher watts. To combat this issue, upgrading to a quality set of ceramic connectors is recommended, although they may not be available in all sizes, so it's essential to check if they have a set for your vehicle. Overall, if you want the brightest halogen available, the Flosser 100W Rally halogens are the clear choice. Just be sure to take appropriate precautions to prevent any potential heat-related issues. 

See the Flosser Rally 100W:


For those seeking a whiter color halogen bulb, there are two options worth considering. Look no further than our last two recommendations. While it's not easy to find a halogen that provides a pure white color, it is certainly possible with the right bulbs. 

Philips Diamond Vision

The Philips Diamond Visions provide a stunning color temperature of 5500k, which is on par with LED's color output. These bulbs produce a pure white light with a small hint of blue that's sure to turn heads. However, be aware that the output is sacrificed in order to achieve this color temperature. In comparison to a standard halogen reflector in the low beam, the Diamond Visions output only 268 lux, which is a 28% reduction, and in the high beam, it outputs 595 lux, which is a 32% reduction. However, with a lifespan of 824hrs, they're perfect for those who are only looking for some stylish looks.

See the Philips Diamond Vision:

OSRAM Cool Blue Advance

If you're looking for a bulb that provides a closer match to stock xenon HID bulbs, the OSRAM Cool Blue Advance is an excellent choice. With a color temperature of 4350k, these bulbs are perfect match to your stock xenon HID bulbs. Throw a set in your fog-lights for example for a seamless match in color. While the output is similar to the Philips Diamond Visions, the OSRAM Cool Blue Advance bulbs are just a bit brighter, especially in a projector. Although these bulbs are rated for 55W, they tested just a bit higher than standard halogens, which is around 48W, meaning OSRAM likely utilized a much better coil in the filament, leading to a 1727hr lifespan from our tests. Unfortunately, they aren't suitable for main beam headlights due to the lower overall output.

See the OSRAM Cool Blue Advance:


Thank you for joining us in this video as we explore the world of halogen bulbs. We hope that this information has been helpful in guiding you towards finding the best halogen bulb for your needs. Don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel for more informative content like this. And if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Until next time, keep driving safe and always stay illuminated.

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