Real World Headlight Reviews

Real World Headlight Reviews

Independent lab testing for consumer headlight bulbs.

Pick the right bulbs for your car, the first time!

Independent lab testing for consumer headlight bulbs.

Pick the right bulbs for your car, the first time!

We've tested 100's of products to find only the best and weed out the rest

You can choose any bulb or upgrade type below to find full reviews on each product. We break it down into bulb type categories.
Aftermarket LED for those who are looking for the latest in lighting technology. LED upgrades are typically best for reflector style headlight and fog lights but can work great in other applications.
Halogen bulb if you want to stick with the same bulb type but are want to see what the best replacement bulb is.
Aftermarket HID has been around for some time, and remains very popular. They are best for projector style headlights, which bring a large upgrade over halogen. Just try to stay away from installing into a reflector style headlight.
And last, we have OEM Xenon, which are another replacement style bulb like halogen, but a different technology. Moving to an upgraded Xenon package can bring a much whiter color as well as a brighter output.

Aftermarket LED

LED Upgrade Kits Tested Comparing to Halogen Recommended Reviews Chart


  Halogen Bulbs Tested   Comparing to OE Halogen Recommended Reviews Chart

Aftermarket HID

HID Kits Tested
Comparing to Halogen Recommended Reviews Chart

OE HID/Xenon

D-Series HID Bulbs Tested
Comparing to OE HID Recommended Reviews Chart

We broke it down into 3 categories for each bulb/kit type.
Recommended brings you ONLY our top recommended products based on all of our testing. This doesn't mean the other options are not great, but instead just simplifies things for those who don't want to compare specs.
Reviews are our full article and video reviews for people who enjoy reading or watching. The most recent will be at the top for each video and article category.
And the most important (in our opinion) are the charts. We list nearly every aspect we test and lay it out in a simple to reach chart for EVERY (currently available) product. This gives people the option to compare color, size, brightness, cost, and so on. 

Our latest YouTube video reviews

I may not be great in front of the camera, but I wanted to get the word out to everybody on what the worthiest of products are first before you buy anything. We keep these videos updated to the latest available with the most relevant content. If you are looking for the very latest in recommendations, check out the categories above and click on 'Recommended'.


Best Aftermarket HID Kits under $60

If you’re looking to upgrade from Halogen to HID, you came to the right place. We’ll be comparing stock halogen to HID kits that performed best from our lab tests..

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A QUICK MESSAGE FROM OUR TEAM: We are a small group of automotive lighting enthusiasts with a passion to not only find the brightest options out there, but the best for the specific vehicle application. We have run through thousands of hours of extensive tests and purchased hundreds of various products including all lighting types in order to find out how they will perform before you spend your hard earned-money.
We hope our test results and recommendations are useful. If you have any suggestions or comments, be sure to drop us a line.
If you are unsure where to start, check out our upgrade guide.

Ultimate Headlight & Fog Light Upgrade Guide

Whether you’re new to the automotive bulb industry, or a seasoned veteran, we hope to help answer all the questions you might have,
that we see every day. We’ll break it down into sections, so depending on what type of vehicle you have, what you are looking to do,
or are just curious about something, this article should help.
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