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At BulbFacts, we know that selecting the perfect headlight kit can be overwhelming. That's why we have conducted exhaustive laboratory and real-world tests on a broad spectrum of products. Our team only recommends the best Xenon headlight kits that have passed our strict testing criteria, providing you with peace of mind when making your purchase.

Our testing process covers a range of aspects, including lux/distance, lumens (total output), and more. You can find a detailed breakdown of our test results in our comprehensive chart.

Updated December 16th, 2021

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser Next Gen Xenon

The Best Premium Xenon Bulb Upgrade 

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense Next Gen

The OSRAM Cool Blue Intense NextGen (NBL-NG) bulbs offer incredible low beam and high-beam output for vehicles with a xenon or bi-xenon setup.

The color is considerably whiter than OE at a pure white with a small hint of blue tone, providing more visibility for all driving conditions. The color temperature is now closer to a stock LED instead of a stock Xenon.

The OSRAM CBI-NG's are a great upgrade from your old worn out OE bulbs and are backed with the quality OSRAM stamp! They should maintain a high output for many years to come.

  • 4.5 Star Overall Rating
  • +24% More Low-Beam Light, +15% More High-Beam Light, & +4% More Total Lumens
  • 5300k Color Temperature (simliar to OE, tad whiter) vs  4200k for OEM bulbs
  • About $140 *D2S
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DDM Tuning Ultra Xenon Bulbs

The Best value Xenon Bulb Upgrade

DDM Tuning Ultra Xenon

The DDM Ultra bulbs are an incredible value in both performance and beam accuracy.

These bulbs tested better than anything from Philips or OSRAM in terms of performance, quite shocking to our surprise. They are an incredible buy for those wating a good product while saving a lot of money.

Color accuracy was close for both the 5500k and 4500k models we tested. Go with the 4500k if you want even more output with a warm white color, but the 5500k model was our favorite as it provides a whiter color for better visibility. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • 4.7 Star Overall Rating
  • +42% More Low-Beam Light, +3% High-Beam Light, & -10% Total Lumens
  • 5800k Color Temperature (pure white) vs  4200k for OEM bulbs
  • About $50 *D2S
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DMEX Xenon

The Best Extreme budget Xenon Bulb

DMEX (4300k model)

This kit provides great light output at an amazing price point. Most HID bulbs from Amazon lack the precise mounting system, however these have them.

If you can't afford the major brands, or just don't want to spend much to get your xenon headlights back in order, look no further than the DMEX Xenon Bulbs. They come in all sizes and offer a few different color temperatures as well. Just don't expect them to last nearly as long as the major brands, but are a great options for those on a tight budget.

  • 3.5 Star Overall Rating
  • +26% Low-Beam Light, -6% High-Beam Light, & -3% Ambient Light
  • 5100k Color Temperature (pure white, hint of yellow) vs  4200k for OEM bulbs
  •  $20-30, Budget Buy
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