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March 11, 2023

 We are still testing! - an update from BulbFacts

It's been an eventful last few years, but we are still making rounds of testing new products, especially in the LED and Halogen categories. We have completed lifespan testing on our halogen inventory, and will be testing new halogen products as people suggest them to us. We have tested a few dozen or so LEDs so far for their lifespan, and the results have been certainly interesting. We are planning more LED products as time goes on. The most important thing though is that we are still testing products and keeping our website up-to-date, so be sure to check the charts and recommendations, as they change every so often. We are planning some new videos this year, so be sure to check back on our YouTube channel for them! As always, we appreciate the support and strive to always keep our data true and sponsor-free!

September 29, 2020

 ALL PRODUCTS now on the new 2.0 Test Bench!

We have completed all product re-tests on the new 2.0 platform (25'), and uploaded the results on both the test result charts and recommendation pages. We also used new products (when available) to provide the most relevant results. For all of the details, see See How We Test. We appreciate everybody's patience, and hope the new tests help in determining the best product for your vehicle!

January 13, 2019

 Updated Tests & New Recommendations

If you're a frequent visitor to BulbFacts, you may have noticed the recommendations have changed since your last visit. We are proud to release new data as we have been hard at work continuously re-testing many products with more samples, and more headlight types. This will enhance the data further providing better recommendations! We apologize for any confusion, but as BulbFacts continues to grow, we want to keep improving for our viewers!
You can check out how we test with all the latest details and updates: See How We Test

December 6, 2018

Ultimate Headlight & Fog Light Upgrade Guide

Whether you’re new to the automotive bulb industry, or a seasoned veteran, we hope to help answer all the questions you might have, that we see every day. We’ll break it down into sections, so depending on what type of vehicle you have, what you are looking to do, or are just curious about something, this article should help.

October 11, 2018

Better LEDs & More Updates

Since the LED video went live, we have had a ton of requests to test more kits, and we try our best to fulfill everybody's requests! So, you'll notice many more LED kits available from Amazon that have been tested and added to the charts. The Lightening Dark LED kit is no longer available, but there are some other great kits available. We have also finally completed all of the categories, including LED, Halogen, HID Conversion, and HID OE. In addition, you'll now see reflector & projector test results! That's right, we RE-TESTED every single kit in both a reflector and projector (with the exception of HID OE of course), so you can now get a better idea on how your potential purchase will perform in your specific application! There are many updates since we started, so be sure to read the full details below!

September 23, 2018

Aftermarket HID Kits now Live!

All of the different HID Kit brands, how do you know which is best? Well as usual, BulbFacts purchased 10 of the most popular kits from Amazon to start off with, and tested them all! Some interesting results for sure, be sure to watch our new YouTube video (Best Aftermarket HID Kits on Amazon under $60), and visit our brand new Aftermarket HID Chart for all of the test results!

June 5, 2018

HID/Xenon Bulbs now Live!

Everybody knows HID is truly the brightest, and we wanted to dive into the Xenon market to see what performs on top. OSRAM, Philips, and a few other smaller brands were tested, and the results are surprising, check it out! HID/Xenon Test Chart. We plan to also purchase some Aftermarket HID kits in the future and test as well, so stay tuned for that, as well as some video reviews.

April 8, 2018

BIG NEWS, LED is now officially tested!

We have had many requests since starting BulbFacts last year, and have been busy purchasing the 'top' LED kits on Amazon, and testing them to see what performs the best. Check out the chart here. You'll notice big changes to our website, and a brand new YouTube video review (Top 10 LED Headlight Kits under $100 on Amazon Tested) on the kits we have tested! Stay tuned for more testing in the future including HID bulbs!

January 18, 2018

PIAA Halogen Kits now Tested, & Ambient Brightness Added

It look us a little while since the PIAA lineup is quite expensive, but we were able to purchase the kits and test each one, with more to come! Thanks again for the requests! We have also re-tested each halogen kit for it's 'ambient' brightness. We'd love to test actual lumens, but because that process is so expensive as well, we tested the bulbs open-ended from a set distance in order to catch the overall light scatter, instead of just the peak hotspot.

December 7, 2017

More Product Review Videos

We wanted to do a serious review for each Halogen kit out there. Full comprehensive stats and comparisons. 18 videos in all, check them out on our YouTube Channel or Halogen Review page!

August 7, 2017 is now Live!

We are very excited to be able to test all 22 Halogen Bulb Kits and list the test results to share with the world. Hopefully this helps others choose the best kit for their vehicle. We have tested the lux and color temperature, and listed the claimed life ratings, compatible bulb types, cost, and a link to purchase. We hope you guys use our links to help BulbFacts grow!