OSRAM Cool Blue Hyper vs OEM / Original Headlight Bulbs

December 9, 2017

We’ll be comparing the OSRAM Cool Blue Hyper’s to your original headlight bulbs to find out the real differences including brightness, whiteness, and cost, so you can make an informed decision about your replacement upgrade.

First, we’ll start with the brightness. The Cool Blue Hyper’s tested at 38% dimmer than basic or stock bulbs. Why? Because OSRAM is going for the xenon look with these bulbs and actually were the best in those tests, the color temperature.

So the rating there was 5240k, which is a whopping 70% whiter over stock, huge difference. Their closest competitor were the Philips Diamond Vision’s, but beat them out at 3% brighter, and 2% whiter. Average cost however is a little higher at around $35 on Amazon, vs. about $31 for the Diamond Visions, but if your deciding between the two, pick these ones up for the improved brightness and whiteness. They will certainly look great in your headlights. Check out our Top Xenon bulbs video to see them both in action.

Check out our videos including the top 3 brightest and the top 3 whitest, whichever interests you most. Be safe out there, and until next time!

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